My name is Cícero Guimarães, and I am the founder of the Tellme website. Currently I am a share time student, attending two schools, Atlantic Technical Center and Deerfield Beach High school, I work as a web developer and PC support technician, I am a Christian and I a attend the Bethany Pentecostal Church AG, I work in the media department during live broadcasting on Sundays at 7 PM Eastern Time. Without a subject to build a website based on, and I didn't want just to create another site for games, in which there are many of them online, I wanted to create something that would be useful, and helpful to people not as entertainment alone. Therefore, one day, someone who listens to Hip-Hop, Rap and many others music styles that has nothing to do with Gospel, uses profanities and a wicked behavior, this person had the courage to say that he knows everything about the Bible, however I knew that something was wrong, because if you know that in the Bibles says in Titus 2.8 "Sound speech that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you". That's when the idea to create a flyer that has a few guidelines, in which I found essential to a Christian, that's when the "Why Not?" 'born'. After distributing the flyers at my high school, I decided to create a website that would inform Christians about things that every believer needs to know and also to let the ones that yet are not saved find that Jesus is the only way to go to heaven and to have a secure life!